Five Causes You Should Support This #GivingTuesday

Five Causes You Should Support This #GivingTuesday November 28, 2017
Our NOLA Wesley spring 2017 mission team
Our NOLA Wesley spring 2017 mission team

Since it’s #GivingTuesday and non-profits across the country are mobilizing to raise money, I wanted to share several causes you should support today. Click on the name of the organization to go to the fundraising site.

1) NOLA Wesley

You know I’m going to promote our organization, but honestly even if I didn’t work there, I’m excited about the unique space that it provides for college ministry and theological exploration. We are the only openly LGBTQ+ affirming Christian college ministry in the state of Louisiana. We have had six students from Christian backgrounds who were pushed outRoot of the church because of their sexual or gender identity return to their faith in NOLA Wesley. This November, we had a student who had been an atheist accept Christ. We have been working this year to take the next step beyond our inclusive foundation and promote an alternative vision for holy, just living on a campus where half a dozen or more students each weekend require emergency care for alcohol poisoning. In response to the sexual violence crisis on our campus, we started a men’s group in which we’ve been averaging 7 guys at our weekly meetings. We will be taking a medical and construction brigade to the Mexican border this next spring break.

2) Roots of Renewal

I am on the board of a local non-profit called Roots of Renewal that was founded by 3 Tulane students several years ago. Roots of Renewal provides job opportunities for newly released former inmates rehabilitating houses in New Orleans. The reason I joined the board is because this is one of my greatest passions. The reason that recidivism is so high for former inmates is because it’s very difficult for them to find work as convicted felons. Roots of Renewal provides on-the-job apprenticeship as well as career mentorship. Our first program graduates are all either employed or back in school getting associate’s degrees.

3) Universal Love Ministries

If you want to support an organization on the front lines doing dangerous work to promote LGBTQ+ inclusion in Uganda, Universal Love Ministries could use your support. Since they are a grassroots organization, 100% of their funding is going to real on-the-ground needs. It also means they are at a disadvantage because of limited resources. So please support them.

4) Saved By God’s Grace Orphanage

Saved by God’s Grace Orphanage in Uganda is doing incredible work to support children with special needs. Since they are a grassroots organization, it is very difficult for them to get the attention of US donors. Their director James Kiwanuka has been like the persistent widow Jesus talks about in his parable knocking on my door every month for the past two years. He has shared pictures and very specific needs. Please consider supporting them.

5) CARAS in Puerto Rico

I wanted to find the most grassroots organization on the ground helping to rebuild Puerto Rico. CARAS received a positive review on NPR. The challenge with this one is you will have to write a handwritten check and mail it to the address provided on their webpage because they do not appear to have an online fundraising presence. There is an email address that you can write to find out more information.

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