Small (A Poem About Greatness)

Small (A Poem About Greatness) April 16, 2020

I need to be small right now
And hide within your arms;
The world of big is bad for me.

I wanted so badly to make it big
That every day was measured
By the march towards greatness.

There is no joy in speculation;
There is no respite in universes
Without touch and smell and taste.

I wanted to command the galaxies
Which are distant points of light
That cannot love me back.

So help me find the real-sized flowers
I can water and the art I can
Edit in my kitchen.

The story lingers that this is a phase
I must work through to be great,
But maybe the story will dim

And I will find greatness in the small,
And cherish air, water, and light,
And no longer need to be famous.

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