All Poetry Is God-Breathed

All Poetry Is God-Breathed June 2, 2020

“Bible with Cross Shadow,” David Campbell, Flickr C.C.

All poetry is God-breathed
And useful for divine teaching
Not because the words are
Right but because the teacher

Is patient and will constantly
Nudge and redirect until
The pen is finally moving
In the right direction.

As Paul said to Timothy,
This is a process and I
Am still working it out;
Some of what I say for

Corinth is wrong for Philippi
Because letters are always
Pastorally prescribed for
Specific communities.

I have so many regrets
That keep me from
Enjoying heaven when

I see how my words have

Been used to hurt people;
I simply wanted you to learn
That our bodies are
Temples and all things are

Lawful but we must not
Be mastered by idols
Which doesn’t mean
We should find a way to

Not enjoy life and call that
Worship because worship
Is delighting in the wine
Of the son of man; there

Is no proving in worship;
How dare you try to say
You know what I was
Thinking just because you’ve

Studied history and written
Two thousand word volumes
About obscure Greek words;
I just didn’t want people to

Get trapped by their lust
But this was never about
Cursing bodies; σώμα is
Body; σαρχ is a body

Mistreated and πνεύμα
Is a body that breathes;
I wanted you to
Focus on the breath

Which is of course also
The wind who blows
Where she will since
All air is God’s gift.

And when I told you
To confess with your
Mouth and believe
In your heart, all I

Meant was use a
Mantra to help you
Trust so you can
Be healed; there is no

Admission price to enter
The kingdom; just a heart
Wounded enough by mercy
To be light as a feather.

Our father has bound all
To disobedience in order to
Have mercy on all; everything
Hangs on understanding that.

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