The Last Battle (A Poem About Narnia)

The Last Battle (A Poem About Narnia) June 2, 2020

We were trapped in
A stable that was
Burning and it
Seemed like the

Entire world had
Become an echo
Chamber where
Breathing was getting

Harder each day
And everyone was
Trying desperately

To prove they’re
Getting it and they
Were dancing around
Saying please see how

Hard I’m trying not to
Take up too much space;
And some were calling
Fire down from heaven

And others tried to offer
A balm from Gilead;
And others were watching
To see who was doing

It wrong so they could
Offer correction; and all
Of them had been reduced
To a set of words that

Were striving so hard to
Be the right words, but
The words became less
Relief over time and

They saw others jumping
Off the Titanic into the
Waves of darkness; and
They wondered as the ship

Listed to stern and the bow
Lifted towards heaven,
Could they survive a swan
Dive into the ocean?

Could they delete their
Social media and return
To the world that existed
Before viral memes?

Could they survive a
Life in which they
Couldn’t scroll their
Smartphones to learn

The right way to feel
About the latest drama
And the right mantras
To preach to the choir?

It wasn’t a decision or
Effort that resulted in
The moment I saw
Elysian fields in my

Peripheral vision; I got
Up and realized I was
Not in a burning stable
Or a ship about to split

In two and sink into
Darkness forever;
I just started walking
Into the fields and I

Realized millions had
Already known the
Secret; they were living
In Eden in unremarkable

Ways; they simply followed
The traditions of their
Ancestors and found the
Medicines they needed

And did not worry about
Having the right words or
Being part of the right
Movements; and some of

Them were in the streets
With drums and chants
But they walked with the
Resilience of those who

Know their ancestors are
Paving the road in front
Of them and love cannot
Be erased by time.

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