I Want You To Get It

I Want You To Get It June 5, 2020

I don’t want you
To be canceled;
I want you to get it.

And nobody gets it
Until somebody
Gets you first.

So I want to sit
Until I get you and
You know I’ve got you.

That doesn’t mean
God will stop filling
My bowels with fire

And commanding me

To spit swords that
Shatter illusion.

But God doesn’t want
Any to perish in
Despair; he doesn’t

Want to banish any
To the outer darkness;
And I told him I will

Not drink his wine
Until all are seated
At the banquet;

I will dive into the
Deepest fire to find
Every Smeagol and

Sit engulfed in flames
Until they find the
Wings that will carry

Them out of hell;
I did not escape on
My own; my brothers

Snatched me from
The flames; my
Sisters held me till

I could breathe again;
I am resting now and
Yet I will not rest until

The lake of fire is
Empty and all have
Found their feathers.

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