The Serpent’s Fruit (In Poetic Form)

The Serpent’s Fruit (In Poetic Form) June 5, 2020

He understood clearly
That all he had to do
Was hold the Bible
Courageously for all

The cameras after
The black people had
Been removed by
Tear gas; and this has

Always been the purpose
Of the Bible: to be held
Courageously so that
Moral high ground could

Be established whenever
Black people protest;
It is the duty of a Christian
Master to hold his Bible

With authority and make
It clear whose side he’s
On and surely there
Were many Bible-fearing

Courageous Americans
Who paused from their
Facebook battles to stand
In their living rooms holding

Bibles and snap a selfie
To show the liberals that
All Bibles matter and you
Cannot win because God
Chooses me since I’m

Holding his Bible, just
Like the first Bible
Teacher promised,
I do not have to share

The fruits of the garden
If I’m holding the one
Fruit that gives me the
Right to speak for God.

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