Judas (A Poem About The Freedom To Be Wrong)

Judas (A Poem About The Freedom To Be Wrong) April 26, 2020

I will arrive when I
Can be wrong without shame,
When I know that I am Judas
And I have kissed Jesus every time

Before I give him away and take
Whatever silver my ego needs;
Judas was fine when vibes were
Good, when miracles were on

A growth trajectory and the
Movement was growing;
It was that woman’s waste of
Spikenard when he turned; it is

When Jesus says I’m wrong and
I know I’m right and I’m offended
To the core of my being that he
Took the side of some bitch

Who deserved to be corrected
Because she was out of line and
He always stands up for
Whomever I criticize even when

They’re wrong. What if Judas had
Said thank you teacher, what a
Gift to be wrong and grow? But
He couldn’t do that yet because

There was no cross where he
Could take his shame; there was
No place to put it; so he went straight
To the chief priests and said I can

Show you where to find him when
There’s no crowd around; he’s
Gone too far this time and he
Just needs to be stopped before

All the wrong people think they
Can stay wrong and not receive
The correction that teachers like
Me are bound by duty to provide.

I will arrive when I can see that I

Have always been Judas every
Time I have judged; every time
I have exulted in my vindication;

Every time I write a poem that
Wins the argument because
Jesus is always on the side of
Whomever I judge and he shows

Me the nail holes in his hands so that
I have to say fine, Jesus, I’m wrong,
We all are, and you love us, and you’re
Throwing a party, and I’m in.

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