The January Purge

The January Purge January 8, 2015

And I immediately make plans to cut back in January, because it’s the magical month, isn’t it ladies? The month to get back into shape? The month to reclaim that size six dress, to purge for all of December’s sins?

Diet pill companies love January. Commercials full of men and women lamenting their size, and none of it’s about health—it’s all about the bottom dollar, and meanwhile, we’re losing our sons and daughters to the industry. The message of Bethlehem forgotten.

Girls as young as four years old are dieting because mommy and daddy are complaining about their “Christmas rolls” and the damage of holiday excess lasts year long.

It’s not about the food. It’s about Jesus, and it’s not about the presents. It’s about Jesus. 

-Excerpt from To Those Who Diet After Christmas 

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