Psalm 9:1

Psalm 9:1 June 2, 2016
  1. For accidentally sleeping through my alarm and it not being a huge inconvenience.
  2. For last night’s nightmares not being real.
  3. For a working fridge, garbage bags to clean it out and cleaner to wipe it down.
  4. That I don’t throw up anymore when I clean the fridge. #HGaware
  5. For brooms that sweep the crumbs away.
  6. For finding granola bars your mother in law sent just as you realized you didn’t have any bread for breakfast.
  7. For a coffee maker that makes the good stuff.
  8. For coffee beans that smell delicious and taste fantastic.
  9. For my coffee grinder, who has been my faithful companion for the last 16 years.
  10. For coffee and cream.
  11. For my 10-year-old daughter who gets excited about cleaning.
  12. For my 7-year-old daughter who plays well with her brothers.
  13. For my 4 and 5 year old sons who are happily playing together (knock on wood).
  14. For a fresh breeze coming through my window.
  15. For a husband who listens to me, comforts and encourages me, late into the night when we has to get up at 4am.
  16. For beginning to see how much my husband, my friends and God delight in  and love me.
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