Pray with me?

Pray with me? July 27, 2011


Will you pray with me for Somer and Lance? They are friends of mine from college and Somer is a part of our Mama:Monk community.

Right now, Lance is in ICU and on a respirator, as he has been for almost a week now. What began as (what doctors thought was) pneumonia in both lungs has become an unknown infection. The doctors are working very hard to find what it is, but in the meantime he is in critical condition in a drug-induced coma. Please pray with me that God will give the doctors a clear diagnosis so that they can get Lance the right kind of treatment.

This illness came out of nowhere and the family was away from home on vacation. They have three little ones, including a baby girl the same age as my Brooksie (4 months).

Somer has always been one of the strongest, boldest, bravest women I know. Please pray that she will be held up by the Lord’s hands in all of this. I can’t imagine how she is balancing loving her little ones with the exhaustion and stress of Lance’s illness (especially as they’re far from home).

I’m so thankful for this community and grateful that I can come to you with this. Please ask God to heal Lance, give the doctors an answer, offer peace and courage to Somer, and comfort their sweet kids. I’ll keep you updated…



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