Slowing things down around here…

Slowing things down around here… April 2, 2013


Happy Easter, friends!

I hope you are drinking champagne for breakfast today, just like you’re supposed to be. You don’t know how hard it is for me to not write a post today about how important it is for us to be celebrating well this week. But, I’m forcing myself to write this little note instead.

So, these days I’m working hard on my book. And as much as I would love to be a super human literary machine who can churn out pages of manuscript while still coming up with semi-non-whiny things to say around here on a regular basis, my word for this year is Enough.

I chose Enough because I knew I would be writing a book this year. And I knew I would feel overwhelmed. And I knew I would be afraid. I knew I would have to learn what I can do and what I can’t.

So even though yesterday morning I had a perfect idea for a blog post and even though all weekend I was keeping track of my thankful list in my head, I’m not going to write those down this week. I’m going to focus on my book instead.

I’ll be taking a break around here. I’m still going to keep the One Good Phrase series going. (It will be up tomorrow!) And I’m still going write for A Deeper Church and I’m sure I’ll pop in every once in a while and show you what’s up on my chalkboard for the week. But I know, for the sake of the book and my own sanity, that I need to quiet down and focus.

I’ll miss you and our conversations. But I promise we’ll chat soon.

Much Love,


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