August 22, 2017

When confronted with the actual awfulness of life in America for anyone who isn’t white, straight, cisgender, and otherwise within the “charmed circle” of cultural acceptance, many people—myself included—have asked, “What can I DO about any of this?” These are some things to read, think about, and do now that you’ve decided to Do Something. Read more

August 18, 2017

This wasn’t supposed to be my first post. I was going to introduce myself and generally just ease us into the flow of things, in hopes of attracting new readers. And then Charlottesville happened. Read more

August 10, 2017

Misha Magdalane is a native of central California, happily transplanted to the Pacific Northwest. They first stumbled across modern Paganism in the deep South in the mid-1980s and have held onto it ever since… Read more

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