#GodWhoSends: Missions vs. Missional

#GodWhoSends: Missions vs. Missional July 30, 2012

God Who Sends by Dr. Francis Dubose“Missions? This is something we pay others to do. And pray for others to do. And they go. And thank God they go. But is the Christian mission an elitist vocation? Is this what the Bible says? Is this what we sense from Jesus?

“Where have we missed the meaning of our pilgrim faith? Why has the biblical meaning of mission so escaped us? Where did we abandon the legacy of the Jesus way? We live before the mystique of the missional vision. But we seem to be able to keep it a vision — a vision at a safe enough distance to keep us from being compelled by its power.

“Do we not need to move closer, to move within the reach and influence of that vision? Do we not need a fresh quest for the meaning of this missional vision — and especially a renewed understanding of our relationship to it?”

—Dr. Francis DuBose, God Who Sends: A Fresh Quest for Biblical Mission (p. 14)

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