Missional Monday: Ramadan Begins, Reflecting on Aurora, Frank Viola Music, Kickstarter Ends (Successfully!)

Missional Monday: Ramadan Begins, Reflecting on Aurora, Frank Viola Music, Kickstarter Ends (Successfully!) July 23, 2012

Here’s a recap of last week’s major highlights from the missional conversation:

  • How to Be a Missional Christian During Ramadan — Ramadan started this past weekend for our Muslim neighbors, and I put together this blog post to offer some of the best thoughts and resources I could find. Ramadan will keep going for another month, so please read and consider this as you do your work in your communities, wherever you’re located!
  • #GodWhoSends — I kicked off a series of blog posts reflecting on Dr. Francis DuBose’s monumental work God Who Sends: A Fresh Quest for Biblical Mission.
  • Processing Missional Theology in the Aftermath of Aurora — The big news story of last week was the tragic theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado. We’re all still processing what happened and what to do in response. This is a good place to start for some theological reflection.
  • Frank ViolaFrank Viola’s Missional Music — Frank sent me a link to a song that he wrote called “He Has Anointed Us,” which has now been recorded and is available to download. The song sounds great! The lyrics don’t hit all the right notes for me theologically, but take a look and see for yourself. I do love this line, “We will not wait / For some future day / It’s too far away / So right now we say / We are His body.” Thanks, Frank!
  • Scot McKnight on The Mission of God from John’s Gospel — Scot recently gave us his definition of missional, and now he’s followed up with the outline of a great talk on God’s mission, which he presented recently in Denmark. Værsgo!
  • You, Me, and Alan Hirsch — Congratulations to us (and Phil Wyman)! We successfully funded the Theophony Kickstarter project. With just 17 minutes remaining before the deadline, the project was fully funded. If you’re headed to Burning Man Festival, watch for Phil and his merry band of holy mischief makers out on the Playa!

Got missional church news that you’d like to see me cover here on the blog? Send it to me via email (stevek AT missionalshift DOT com) or post it in the comments! Thanks for reading.

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