Scot McKnight on The Mission of God from John’s Gospel

Scot McKnight on The Mission of God from John’s Gospel July 22, 2012

Scot McKnightScot McKnight has posted the outline of his talk on God’s mission, delivered at SommerOase in Denmark:

  1. Mission Begins IN God. — “God has been eternally missional, is missional, and will be missional forever. (Eschatology is inherent.)”
  2. Mission Begins WITH God’s Sending. — “If you are one of Jesus’ followers you are missional.”
  3. The Missional Christian, who is a follower of Jesus, Stays WITHIN God’s Mission. — “Jesus provides the pattern for the Missional Christian: 1) Seeking God’s Approval; 2) Source is God’s Truth in Jesus; 3) Strengthened by God’s Presence; 4) Speaking God’s Words”
  4. The Missional Christian is INSIDE/IN Christ. — “Here is a 4-point sketch of how the Missional Christian is to see himself or herself: 1) as deriving your mission in God; 2) as extending God’s mission in Jesus to others; 3) as inhabiting God’s perichoresis; and 4) participating in God’s present anticipation of the kingdom of God — the future that God’s mission now leans into.”

There’s a lot more in Scot’s outline, especially under #3, so go read the whole thing.

What do you think of Scot’s picture of God’s mission, as drawn from The Gospel of John?

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