December 2, 2012

‎From Ted Jennings, author of Transforming Atonement: A Political Theology of the Cross: “What we do is pretend that we have hope and joy and love. What we yearn for is what stands under those names … Advent is a time when we have a chance — if we want to take the chance — of getting in touch with what we deeply yearn for and do not have … for bodies to be healed, for the brokenness to be... Read more

November 30, 2012

Reading Francis Chan’s latest book Multiply: Disciples Making Disciples has helped me see how far away from the conservative evangelical theology of my youth I’ve truly gotten. (more…) Read more

November 29, 2012

Craig Goodwin, author of Year of Plenty, talks about leading Millwood Presbyterian Church in Spokane, Washington, through the missional shift (more…) Read more

November 23, 2012

It takes something pretty remarkable to get Tony Jones to say “new life is possible in old denominations,” but that’s exactly what Tony said earlier this week in a post about Union, a new United Methodist church plant in Dallas, Texas. (more…) Read more

November 23, 2012

Life of Pi should be required viewing for all followers of Jesus — especially now, in this time of massive change that Phyllis Tickle calls “The Great Emergence,” which is marked by at least these two things (and surely more): missional shift and overwhelming religious/spiritual pluralism. (more…) Read more

November 22, 2012

The following Thanksgiving message is from my dear friend Dennis Teall-Fleming, who is the lead church planter and pastor of our small missional community (affiliated with the Disciples of Christ denomination) here in Gastonia, NC (just outside of Charlotte) (more…) Read more

November 21, 2012

Not many Christian preachers get featured in The New Yorker or have full-length biographies written about them, but Rob Bell is unique. His remarkable contributions have earned him this kind of respect and attention, one which has author James K. Wellman Jr. asking “in what ways [Bell] is a harbinger — a representative of what is coming in the future of American Christian faith.” (more…) Read more

November 16, 2012

In the foreword to The Intentional Christian Community Handbook, Shane Claiborne and Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove write, “This is a book that we’ve needed for a long, long time.” (more…) Read more

November 14, 2012

Bono is like the patron saint of progressive Christians. He spoke Monday at Georgetown University, and Sojourners’ Cathleen Falsani was there to report on the event. (more…) Read more

November 12, 2012

Brian McLaren thinks that may be the case. In this provocative new video update, McLaren asks (as only he can) whether the Holy Spirit may be moving in the hearts and lives of the religiously “unaffiliated” (the so-called “nones”) and moving them out of our churches (more…) Read more

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