Even Your Dimes

Even Your Dimes January 28, 2019

I had anticipated I’d be writing a post early last week, following up on my thoughts about burnout with my thoughts about multiple gigs and late capitalism, but my father died unexpectedly. He was in his 80s, but had seemed healthy, so it was a great shock (and we now have to fill out All the Forms and do All the Legal Things.)

In his honor and memory, I point you to a “golden oldie” I wrote about him – and stewardship and sanctification – in 2015: From 20 Cents to $2200: Adventures in Tithing.

All of that made him a rarity in my childhood: a pastor who wasn’t afraid to talk about money. Why the church needed it and when it didn’t. What giving money did to and for the recipient, and what it did to and for the giver. And very early on, by doing so, he taught me the lesson that what I had was not mine; that everything was gift.

I’ll be back in this spot with new thoughts in a few days.

Image: Pixabay.


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