Postcards: A Series of Haikus

Postcards: A Series of Haikus June 1, 2015

My brother is studying abroad in Japan, Thailand, and Malaysia for the summer. We dropped him off at the airport early this morning, but we’ve been preparing for this for a while now. Back when I was doing the Poem-A-Day Challenge on Writer’s Digest, one of the prompts was “Across the Ocean.” I decided to write a series of haikus called “Postcards,” which is told in the point of view of my brother writing postcards to me. Pray for his safety as he lands, while he’s travelling, and for his trip home.


Hey there Sister,

It’s my first month in Japan

studying abroad.


I’m here in Beppu,

in the middle of nowhere,

but still having fun


I travel sometimes

to Tokyo with all my friends

wishing you were here.


Now I’m in Thailand

2 hours’ drive from Bangkok.

The traffic is hell.


The study abroad

is going by so quickly.

I don’t wanna leave


But I still miss you

while I’m here in Malaysia.

I’ll be home real soon.


I hope you get to

travel the world by yourself.

With love, your brother


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