The Eucharist Is Calling You! Come to Him!

The Eucharist Is Calling You! Come to Him! June 7, 2015

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So I was browsing my social media feed when I saw this on a nondenominational Protestant’s facebook page.

Sometimes I just wish Jesus would appear in the flesh so I could see Him and touch Him and look into the face of all certainty, you know what I mean?

For the intents of this post, I’m gonna address the following to “Lady” because the page belongs to a woman who works in women’s ministry.

Dear Lady:

“How many of you say: I should like to see His face, His garments, His shoes. You do see Him, you touch Him, you eat Him. He gives Himself to you, not only that you may see Him, but also to be your food and nourishment.” – St. John Chrysostom

You can find his body, blood, soul, and divinity in the Eucharist, dear sister in Christ. I know that you’re so used to the whole “faith alone” concept. It’s hard for most of us to believe that what looks like a piece of bread and wine becomes the body and blood of Christ after  But it takes just as much faith to believe that Christ is there in the Eucharist as there is to know that God is everywhere. In fact, it takes a lot more faith in my honest opinion.

When Jesus said “He who eats my flesh and drinks my blood will have eternal life,” he meant it. He was also being real when he passed the bread and the wine to his apostles saying “This is my body, this is my blood.”

But how can this be, you ask?

Paragraph 1380 of the Catechism says: “It is highly fitting that Christ should have wanted to remain present to his Church in this unique way. Since Christ was about to take his departure from his own in his visible form, he wanted to give us his sacramental presence; since he was about to offer himself on the cross to save us, he wanted us to have the memorial of the love with which he loved us “to the end,” even to the giving of his life. In his Eucharistic presence he remains mysteriously in our midst as the one who loved us and gave himself up for us and he remains under signs that express and communicate this love: (669, 478, 2715)

Jesus awaits us in this sacrament of love. Let us not refuse the time to go to meet him in adoration, in contemplation full of faith, and open to making amends for the serious offenses and crimes of the world. Let our adoration never cease.”

Dearest sister in Christ, when you are craving Jesus’s physical presence, know that He is calling you to come to Him! If you ever pass by a Catholic Church, I dare you to stop by their Adoration Chapel or just sit inside and recognize His presence in the Tabernacle. He is there in the Eucharist and He wants to be with you!

God bless,


P.S. There is also an image of Jesus’s Most Holy Face and a devotion to it. Look it up!

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