Finding Myself Thinking About Revolutions

Finding Myself Thinking About Revolutions November 12, 2016

Execution of Marie Antoinette on October 16
As it happens it was on this day in 1793 that Jean Sylvain Bailly, astronomer, mathematician, freemason, and the first mayor of Paris, was guillotined. He was just one more sacrifice to the goddess of vengeance during what we now call the reign of terror. It turns out that goddess is a very thirsty deity.

Fast forwarding to today. One needs to recall that a lot of promises were made by the man who just got elected president of the United States. A lot of getting even was involved in the rhetoric. A lot of putting people back into their place. A lot of “returning” to something.

And now, here we are. There is no doubt in my mind we Americans are caught up in the midst of a revolution. Where it will lead no one can predict.

Well, other than the odds are toward madness…

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