Some Zen Advice from Facebook

Some Zen Advice from Facebook April 3, 2020



On Facebook today Zen teacher Renshin Bunce cited a version of a classic Zen text from another teacher on the great way Koshin Paley Ellison.

Let me respectfully remind you:
Life and Death are of supreme importance.
Time swiftly passes by and opportunity is lost.

On this night, the days of our life are decreased by one.
Each of us should strive to awaken.
Awaken! Take heed! Do not squander your life.

Zen teacher Rachel Mansfield-Howlett added another version.

I beg to urge you everyone.
Life and Death is a grave matter.
All things pass quickly away.
Each of you must be ever alert, never neglectful, never indulgent.

Zen teacher Dosho Port added a literal rendition.

Spoken to the Great Assembly:
The great matter birth-death
Impermanence is swift!
It’s fitting for everyone to sober up! Wake up!
Do not let this opportunity pass by.

Then Zen teacher Rosemary Taylor added one more version.

Life and death are the great matter.
All things pass quickly away.
Awaken, awaken. Take heed.
Don’t waste this precious life

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