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New Podcasts November 11, 2014

I have some new podcasts over at Mormon Mental Health Podcast I want to draw your attention to:

Carol Boyer on Disabilities and Domestic Violence

I interview Carol Boyer of the Department of Labor: Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP).  They discuss a myriad of issues: from Carol surviving polio as a child, the importance of vaccinations, the impact chronic illness had on her family and faith, and complexities facing those with mental and physical disabilities.  Carol also speaks of her involvement on the Federal Partners Committee on Women and Traumaheaded by ODEP and SAMHSA as co-chair.  She refers to the groundbreaking research called the “Adverse Childhood Experiences Study” which has made a strong impact in how we are beginning to address and provide trauma-informed treatment and resources.

John Larsen on Faith & Identity Transition

John Larsen has been a controversial figure within the Mormon internet community due to his podcast Mormon Expression, which often irreverently criticizes The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  At the same time, he has much experience dealing with the painful implications of faith transitions on both sides of the table – from personal experience and through the many people he has come in contact with doing the work he does.  It is because of these experiences that he has founded the White Fields Educational Foundation which attempts to assist individuals as they navigate religious transition through counseling services, support groups and other resources.  Natasha Helfer Parker sits down with John (graciously hosted at his studio) to discuss some of the insights he has garnered over the years, as well as the hopes he has for the growth of his foundation in helping members recreate identity when facing the uncertainties, complex feelings and family implications surrounding changes in belief.  Lindsay Hansen Park, known for her thorough podcast series,  “Year of Polygamy” on Feminist Mormon Housewives and involvement working with Sunstone, also joins us towards the end to discuss some of her insights on this topic.

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