Clarification is Deficient

Clarification is Deficient November 13, 2015

The First Presidency came out with a ‘clarification’ letter today regarding the policies that were released last week.

I see only two slight positives.

1. Less families/children will be affected.

2. Local authority will have more leeway to act (hopefully) appropriately by ignoring these policies all together. 

But the fact remains that the policies are still hurtful, harmful and emotionally abusive. 

  • Members in same-sex marriages and relationships are still mandated to undergo mandatory discipline for apostasy – a traumatic experience to begin with.
  • Members in blended families will deal with more tension about custody arrangements (and the research is clear that children do worse in divorces where tensions are high versus more amicable situations).
  • Gay and lesbian children and adolescents who are being raised in LDS homes will have even more negative messaging than they’ve already had to deal with within our culture as they attempt to make healthy choices regarding their future (increasing risk of anxiety disorders, mood disorders, relational distress and suicidal ideation to name a few).
  • Members who accept these policies as inspired will be more entrenched and justified in taking anti-LGBTQ stances.

The only clarification that would have been acceptable would have been: we are sorry – we repent – we have decided these policies will not stand.

There is no ‘clarification’ to bigotry.  Plain and simple.

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