AASECT Position on Racism/Misogyny/Anti-Semitism

AASECT Position on Racism/Misogyny/Anti-Semitism August 23, 2017
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I am very proud to be a member of a professional organization, AASECT (American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists), that would take the stance to draft and publish a position statement in regards to the horrific happenings we are seeing in the United States with people gathering to spout beliefs centered in hatred and ignorance. Something I never thought I would see in my country during my lifetime. I’m glad that professionals within the mental health fields see this as a “mental health” issue – and call it out for what it is… ABUSIVE. Which it most definitely is. This is an issue that affects us all… that affects every community… and every family. Education and taking public stances within our circles are two very adept ways to be addressing this issue regardless of where we are.

I’ve been meaning to write more about this issue in the past week – but I’ve had a death in the family that has taken precedence. I will be writing more.


August 23, 2017

On behalf of the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT), we are heartbroken, disappointed, outraged, and horrified by the recent displays of racism, misogyny, anti-Semitism, and violence in Charlottesville. We recognize that white supremacy is not limited to this historical time or place. We also recognize that bigoted actions such as those displayed have deep and lasting impacts on us all, including our students, patients and clients. As sexuality educators, counselors, and therapists, we want to re-iterate our core values described in our Vision of Sexual Health where we note: “AASECT also opposes all abuses of sexuality including, but not limited to, harassment, intimidation, coercion, prejudice, and the infringement of any individual’s sexual and civil rights.” While this particular statement pertains to sexuality, we want to be clear that AASECT opposes all forms of harassment, intimidation, coercion, prejudice, and the infringement of any individual’s civil rights.

Black lives matter. The racism, bigotry, anti-Semitism and other messages and acts of violence cast toward communities of color and faith communities must end. People of all faiths, genders, races, ethnicities, nationalities, sexual orientations, and abilities have human rights, and those rights must be respected. As an organization, we acknowledge that our journey for cultural competency and progress will never end because there is always more to learn, teach, and share. We care deeply and are committed to continuing to address these issues, and living our values, in our own work. As an organization that represents therapists, counselors, and educators, we are committed to the work of helping everyone understand the cultural and historical impact that bias, discrimination, racism, and trauma have on personal, psychological, sexual, and emotional experiences.



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