Let Me Take a Selfie

Let Me Take a Selfie June 19, 2014

take selfie Muslim
Photo by Mink Mingle on Unsplash

There’s something that’s making us lose touch with reality;
Some think it’s no big deal, but it’s affecting our spirituality.

As this global culture shifts and focuses on connection,
We’re becoming desensitized to what really deserves reflection.

You can capture every moment and save it for later;
Take a look at the past- or what’s left of it on paper.

A thousand ghosts stare back at you from your overflowing photo book;
The skeletons of moments that were killed by every picture you took.

But there’s something even greater that you totally missed;
It’s everywhere around you, always in your midst.

The bird that soared above you as you took a Snapchat for your friend;
The breeze that passed you by when you checked your picture and clicked “send.”

You missed the dancing butterfly, fluttering around you in the air,
And the chance to think about Who’s allowing it to float up there.

Brilliant colors fill your Instagram feed when Autumn comes around,
But you don’t see the beauty in the leaves outside that fill the ground.

We’re oblivious to the miracle of the glowing orb in the sky,
As day turns to night and another evening passes by,In which our deepest thought was which angle to shoot the sunset from-
Completely forgetting about the One who made that sunset come.

We say we’re intellectuals, more than the people before our times,
Yet we throw away our days watching YouTube videos and Vines.

They recognized the beauty in the nature we ignore;
We’re too busy Facebook stalking the girl who lives next door

To take a second look and try to see what they were intrigued by:
A world that’s full of Signs, if we don’t just turn a blind eye

To the fact that it actually serves a greater purpose:
To remind us of the One who created all of this.

Something finally clicks, and for once it’s not your camera phone;
It’s an overwhelming sense of awe at the evidence that God has shown.

You want people to wake up and see what they’re missing out on,
So you turn to your friend to share the conclusion that you’ve drawn:

“Watching the sunset at this beautiful park got me thinking about something that I really want to share with you.

But first, let me take a selfie.”

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