Poem: War

Poem: War August 28, 2017

Written by Bariha

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Photo by Jan on Unsplash

Why do we keep doing this?
This problem we can so easily dismiss
An argument twisted into something more
What drives us to murder and gore?

All the disagreements
Aren’t there better alternatives?

What can anyone gain from several oh so thousand dead?
Dig deeper than the surface
But all you saw was red

Thousands upon thousands pile on one another
Who knows if you had killed your brother?
Every ounce of blood
All shredded, dunked in mud
Every silent scream that escapes
Every ounce of pain we smother
Can’t you see, it wasn’t worth the other?

This pull
This deceit
Every lie
Can’t make us complete

Forced into slavery
Bound by invisible chains
Don’t be mistaken, it isn’t bravery
It can’t hide the remains

I see their faces
I see the broken
Treacherous acts leave traces
But not a word has been spoken

There’s one side
Wanting to kill
Wanting vengeance
Innocent people are tried
Locked up against their will

And for what purpose?

They murder innocents
And women and children are taken
It doesn’t make you strong
It makes you a coward

Solving disputes measure one’s intelligence
Killing, screaming, murder
All of it is evidence
Are we not sane? Do you not have humanity?

I write this for all the fellow people struggling for a voice
Although they shut you up
And make you spit lies
You have a choice
Break these ties

I write for the people who’ve been forced against their will

I write to the monsters who commit these foul acts

In the face of war and destruction
I’ve come to the conclusion
That all of us have humanity
We all see what’s right
But our vision is blurred

War seems to blur right and wrong
But no

Killing a brother in the face of war, in the face of death
It’s still murder
There are consequences

I tell you, change your act
Save yourself
Before it’s too late 

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