5 Ways You Can Use Technology to Boost Your Faith

5 Ways You Can Use Technology to Boost Your Faith September 4, 2017

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Technology is notorious for its tendency to make people feel insecure, depressed, and disconnected from nature. Most of the time when I go out now, I notice that nearly everyone is staring at their smartphones. (If I’m not doing so myself!) This can affect our connection with one another as well as with God. However, technology can also be a valuable tool in increasing our iman (faith). Here are some ways in which that can be done:

1. Qur’an Websites and Apps

Reading the Qur’an is obviously one of the best ways to get closer to Allah and keep our faith strong. Oftentimes, technology distracts us from reading our Holy Book with things like text messaging and social media. But the same devices that divert our attention from the Qur’an can also be a means for us to read it in almost any place. This can be done through websites like, as well as nearly countless Qur’an apps for both iOS and Android.

2. Social Media

Yes, that’s right. Although social media can definitely harm our spirituality, if used properly it can also foster our iman. On nearly every platform, from Facebook to Twitter to Instagram, you can follow people who post religious reflections and reminders. You can also post your own! Teaching others can be one of the best ways to learn and review information.

3. Blogs

Blogs can be an easy way to learn more about Islam and increase your faith. You probably already know that, since you’re reading one right now. Blogs are usually informal, but the benefit of learning them is that you can subscribe by email and get the posts delivered directly to your inbox. This feature is available on nearly every blog out there and keeps you reading consistently. Even if you’re not able to regularly attend formal classes and events right now, following some of your favorite faith-based blogs will keep you in touch with the religion.

4. Forums and Discussion Sites

There are dozens of websites which host discussions by and for Muslims. These sites allow you to talk about relevant topics, ask questions, and gain exposure to differing viewpoints. It can also be a good way to learn more about Islam if you are a non-Muslim who is looking to convert or just learn more about the religion in general, because you can speak with actual Muslims.

5. YouTube and Podcasts

I pretty much always crave some kind of entertainment or background noise, especially while I’m driving, eating, or doing mundane tasks. Thanks to YouTube, I can watch videos and lectures of people who are talking about Islamic topics rather than feeling the need to binge-watch a TV show. And I can listen to podcasts of lectures or Muslim discussions in the car instead of listening to music. Entertainment is a normal human need, and these videos and podcasts allow us to fulfill that need in a productive way.

These are just a few ideas of how technology can be used to help our iman grow rather than diminish. What are some of your favorite ways to use technology to boost your faith?

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