Enough Is Enough: On Anti-Black Racism in the Muslim Community

Enough Is Enough: On Anti-Black Racism in the Muslim Community February 9, 2018
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February being Black History Month, I feel that not only is there a need to partake in celebrating this month, it is our responsibility as Muslims to do so. Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali are among the few of many African-American Muslims that paved the way for Muslims in America. We need to respect Black Muslims and love them equally as any other Muslims, if not more. We should also appreciate their culture and contributions.

Islam is not a religion of racism. Islam is a religion of inclusion, love, and peace. Tragically, Muslims forget about that. Everyone needs to do a better job with how they treat our Black brothers and sisters.

I am a convert to Islam and though I may face problems from the Muslim community, I will never face the discrimination that a Black Muslim would receive. I will always stand up for them, and all Muslims should.

One thing I see happening in the world is too much racism. People are hated for their race, religion, etc. But the worst racism I have seen is aimed towards our Black brothers and sisters. This should be unacceptable to all humans and especially Muslims.

There should be no racism from Muslims. Do not discriminate against a person of color. This goes out to all Muslims. I strongly believe Black Muslim converts have it the worst. We live in such a racist world. We as an ummah (all Muslim brothers and sisters) need to treat Black Muslim brothers and sisters like our Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) would. Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) would stand with the oppressed. He would make every day Black history day. He would treat them equally, if not actually lifting them up higher and praising them for all the prejudice and trials they’ve endured.

This racism is something that needs to stop and has no place in Islam.

I wrote the following poem in reference to this topic:

What is wrong with our Ummah?
There is no room for racism in Islam.
It is a trait you learned from your dad or mom.

Because Muslims are in a colonized state of mind,
Racism can be something you often find.
Though your light skin will not help you get into paradise
Because in Islam it does not matter if you’re black or white.

Is there something wrong with your sight?
Because we all bleed red from the inside.

Being a racist is only from your culture.
Stop circling around Black people like a vulture.
Why won’t you let a black man marry your daughter?

They are not people we should be against.
We should stand up for justice and be in their defense.

Thank God being a convert showed me true Islam.
It is time you start returning Black Muslim’s Salams.

“Black lives matter. Black Muslim lives matter.”
This isn’t something that should just be idle chatter.
But when this topic is brought up all of you scatter.

I see Muslim youth putting a #BlackLivesMatter hashtag on their profiles.
But when it comes to fighting for Black Muslims, they are in denial.
It is not a trend or a hashtag for you to gain followers.

Maybe all you want to say is this topic is fitnah.
Well, It’s not because it’s a real problem in this Dunya.

Stop running from the problem because that will not fix it.
It’s time to stand up, it’s not time to sit.
It doesn’t matter if you are tired – It’s not time to quit.

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Kaya is a blogger, activist, and writer with an undergraduate degree in International Studies and Political science.

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  • Greg Abdul

    Muslims are not perfect. But Muslims did not have Martin Luther King. Fifty years after MLK, white America persecutes Muslims and black Americans and anyone not white. The big problem in the world today may be two. The first is white racism. Martin Luther King died fighting for Americans to be one regardless of color, yet white America or at least half of it, is just as sick as their parents were 50 years ago. Muslim immigrants in the West tend to keep to themselves and don’t understand the slogan “grow or die.” So the hiding at work ends up being hiding what Islam is from people who are sick and in need from not knowing Allah and His messenger. I am an African American Muslim. I attend an immigrant masjid. The leadership bust their butts trying to make sure I know I am welcomed and that any idiot from their crowd who misbehaves does not speak for the leadership. For me, the greatest race problem we American Muslims have is the Nation of Islam. They are not Muslims. They are open black racists, who mainstream black Muslims and black people in general refuse to criticize. We remain quiet and we let them lie on us. Islam eventually forces the most racist Muslim to stop, I think, because our Prophet (sws) was very clear on this. But we sit and watched black kids get dragged into a hate cult and as long as it’s not your kid you don’t care. That is against the teachings of Islam.