5 Hidden Benefits of the 5 Daily Prayers

5 Hidden Benefits of the 5 Daily Prayers January 26, 2018

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All Muslims are required to offer salah (obligatory prayer/worship) 5 times a day, if they are physically and mental able to do so in any capacity. It is one of the most important parts of our religion, and a major differentiation between the lifestyle of Muslims and non-Muslims. As Muslims, we are required to start praying 5 times a day starting from puberty. Many Muslims are even raised to be in the habit of praying their daily prayers from a very young age, years before it has been made mandatory for them.

To some Muslims, salah is a religious requirement and nothing else. For others, it is a sacrifice they make for God or a way that they draw closer to Him every day. And for some, it is their refuge throughout every challenge that life throws at them.

While salah does have many obvious religious and spiritual benefits, I just want to draw attention to a few that are not usually noticed or acknowledged. Everyone finds motivation or inspiration in different ways; hopefully these 5 lesser-known benefits of salah will help us all get more out of our 5 daily prayers, inshaAllah (God-willing).

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