Emergency Support—”Get Jack Back”

Emergency Support—”Get Jack Back” October 28, 2020

Content warning: homophobia, domestic abuse

Hey fam. I’m posting this to try and get the word out for a GoFundMe campaign. Lead Them Home, a Christian LGBT organization, got in touch recently with “Jack,” a nineteen-year-old from the New Orleans area.

Jack told his parents that he’s gay, and it did not go well. They threw him out of the house—in the middle of a pandemic, with Hurricane Zeta approaching the area, without a job or money or even food. He slept in a tent for about a week. Eventually he discovered Lead Them Home online; they were in the process of finding him housing, when his mother reached out with a barebones compromise. Jack’s parents have consented to let him live in their garage, but they are still not providing him with food or money, including college tuition. LTH is accordingly trying to raise enough money to cover the cost of tuition, housing, and a meal plan that will at least cover the spring and fall semesters of 2021. Since that is more productive, and a better look, than getting a plane ticket to New Orleans and punching his parents in their disgusting faces, I’m trying to help get the word out.

(This is not a paid post, and I won’t be linking it on Patreon.)

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