Men and Abortion: Cause and Cure

Men and Abortion: Cause and Cure April 10, 2022

Abortion is the Devil’s gift to men. It allows them to be promiscuous without penalty; to exploit women while claiming they are empowering them.

In a previous blog, I mentioned that NARAL was founded by two men. They wanted all men to be able to take advantage of the sexual revolution with the assurance of abortion as a backup to contraception.

The goal was to change the culture from shotgun weddings to the attitude of the character in the movie An Officer and a Gentleman who said, “I know my responsibility as the father. I’ll pay for the abortion.”

Men and the Abortion Decision

Men are told that they have no say in the abortion decision. So, fathers are not allowed to prevent a woman from getting an abortion if she wants one. They have no rights during the pregnancy.

There’s a reason the abortion industry wants to exclude men from the abortion decision. Cut out the man and the woman is left alone, unsupported and desperate enough to pay for an abortion. Ca-ching!

Most men are glad to be left out. They can look liberated and generous by saying “It’s your decision” then run away or look supportive while she does what he wanted anyway.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

If a woman doesn’t want an abortion but the father does, again he has no say, but he must pay child support once the baby is born. Men have complained that, if the mother’s decision is totally hers, then the father shouldn’t have any obligations.

Consequently, there are many deadbeat fathers who refuse to pay. Others decide to take matters into their own hands to ensure there is no child to support by assaulting the pregnant woman and trying to force a miscarriage.

A November 2021 study reiterated a decades-old fact: homicide is the leading cause of death in pregnant and postpartum women in the United States by more than twofold. When some men say, “Get an abortion or I’ll kill you!” they mean it.

Surveys show that 67-72% of women who have abortions admitted to some kind of coercion that forced their decisions. Thirty percent of the time, women are threatened by a boyfriend/husband that he will end their relationship if she doesn’t abort.

The reality is, he will probably leave her anyway. Statistics show that most post-abortive couples split up within three to six months because of guilt and blame.

Sidewalk counselors can tell you they see the same scene over and over: She goes into the abortion facility, and he takes off in his car. All he wanted was to get rid of the kid—the woman wasn’t important anyway.

If the majority of women are coerced into abortion, then it is obviously not their “choice.” These women are victims of manipulation by those who actually hold the power—bigger, stronger dominant males.

The Great Scam Reaches the Pew

As Shawn Carney wrote in the Winter edition of the 40 Days for Life magazine: “Abortion is one of the most brilliantly orchestrated scams that bad men have ever created, and millions of [radical] feminists have fallen for it.” He continued:

“Abortion is a man’s issue in the worst way for the following reasons: Women didn’t vote on this; abortion was mandated by an all-male Supreme Court; Most abortion facilities are owned by men; Most abortion doctors are men.”

While Carney tries to separate the “bad men” of abortion from other men, the culture of death is so pervasive that these coercive men can be found in the pew next to us, just like the post-abortive women.

Vincent DiCaro, Chief Outreach Officer for Care Net Pregnancy Centers, says that their studies show about half of the men involved in unplanned pregnancies “were also attending church at least once a month.”

Further, “their most common response to their partners…was to suggest abortion.” Since the father of the baby is, by far, “the single most influential voice on a woman’s pregnancy decision,” fathers too need to hear a pro-life message.

Photo by Alvin Mahmudov on Unsplash

The Pro-Life Message from the Church to Men

Previously, I have advocated for maternal assistance in Catholic parishes. Pro-life support for women and children is essential, but so is encouraging fathers to be supportive. If women had help from the fathers, they probably wouldn’t need other aid.

DiCaro asks: “Are we actively equipping men to choose life? Are we involving them as fathers?” Are we teaching men in our parishes to respect women enough to make lifestyle choices that benefit the women in their lives?

So, ending abortion requires that in our Catholic ministries, we emphasize men as half of the equation. If we treat men as, and expect them to be, responsible and caring in their relationships, then maybe they actually will be.

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