Three Questions for American Muslims

Three Questions for American Muslims September 7, 2011

Many American Muslims are on the fence about what the response/reaction should be in regards to the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on 9/11. Do we condemn terrorism –  again? Do we keep addressing the misconceptions and stereotypes about Muslims and Islam that still exist and are growing? (Creeping sharia, anyone?) Do we try to push the conversation forward? Do we work on rewriting our American Muslim narrative?

The Muslim Portal at Patheos (disclosure – I am the managing editor of this portal) is hosting the “Three Questions” project for the month of September: We are asking American Muslims from across the nation three simple but important questions:

1. What is the most pressing issue or concern for you as a Muslim in America today, 10 years after the tragedy of 9/11?

2. In what ways – inwardly /or outwardly – did 9/11 change you or affect you?

3. What do you think non-Muslim Americans most need to know about Muslims?”

Check back to this blog–all posts can be found via this Three Questions tag–as we feature answers from American Muslims. The answers may surprise you.

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