See a Need, Fill a Need

See a Need, Fill a Need October 25, 2011

Back in 2005, the movie Robots was released, and it quickly became a favorite in our home.  True to our habit, when we really like the message in a movie, we end up watching it over and over.

“See a Need, Fill a Need”

The main message in Robots has since become my mantra.  When it comes to raising my children in an Islamic home, you often need to come up with your own stuff.  Your own stuff to teach, your own stuff to pray, your own stuff to learn how to do things.

I don’t know how to make wudu.  I tried to learn when Mr. Fox was first learning, and I kept having to have little slips of paper on the counter to remind me what was next.  I tried to tape them to my mirror, but it just looked trashy.  When the ladies started learning, I tried to hide my little slips of paper so they wouldn’t see that I didn’t know the next step.

When we go to any Mosque or Islamic School, they have photocopied pieces of paper taped to the wall for reminders.

“See a Need, Fill a Need”

The Wudu Cling is water resistant, re-positionable and with clear reminders of the steps! It clings without adhesive, so there is no tape residue.  It clings to any hard, smooth surface.  Available via Etsy, Zibbet and Wholesale.


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