I Bought Another Abaya

I Bought Another Abaya August 31, 2012

LOL Okay, I’ve been working full time at the school now for 5 of the hottest days this summer.  Yes, the air-conditioner finally started working about day 2.5, but by then I had worn my 3 thinnest – long sleeved ‘work’ appropriate outfits.  The first being the Abaya I bought at the PTO Sale and the second, a beautiful vintage Caftan that I fell in love with when I found it online, and the third, a hot pink tourist Gallebaya.  My other ‘work’ appropriate clothing I need to wear long sleeves underneath, or a jacket that matches the skirt.

Today, however, I was invited to buy from the teachers’ reserve.  At the Islamic School where I substitute teach, all teachers, Muslim or not are required to wear Jilbab or Abaya.  Muslim teachers are required to wear Hijab, and we must not wear excessive amounts of makeup.  I think the guidelines are to wear it in a way that makes you look like you are not.  So, when I was getting ready to leave for the day, I found that I had bought another vintage Caftan.  I was exited to have another option for rotation I showed my fellow teachers.  After the oohing and ahhhing over my selection, I was invited to choose something from the box of Abayas that are purchased specifically for the teachers.  It looks very similar to this one, but with braided trim along the zipper and cuffs.

I totally feel like a cool kid now.

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