The Dreidel Game

The Dreidel Game December 20, 2012

So, the new school I am working at is a secular, private institution.  I’m all kinds of happy there.  I look forward to my days, and if there was a way for me to be a permanent fixture there, I would give it some very serious thought.  If I could bring Kate and Pea along it would be even better…it would be perfection.

The school is built on the model that they celebrate each and every walk of life.  There are families of any different religion imaginable, multi-cultural, multi-racial, multi-language and all-encompassing.  There are as many different types of families as there are classrooms and it just works.

So, because it is currently Hanukkah as well as Christmas, there is a dreidel game in the classroom.  Yesterday, I  learned how to play.  It was a LOT of fun.  I would love to buy this game for my children and my nieces and nephew to play.  It is a simple game, like Uno.

Why am I writing about this?

Because I wonder how much of the ‘I hate Israel’ agenda (not from home – but from outside sources) is absorbed by my ladies, and I wonder if having a toy that is associated with the Jewish/Israelite culture will cause a problem for them or with their friends.

I hate that I am even questioning this purchase because of stereotypes and preconceived notions and because when I hear from Rachael, who is currently living in Palestine…and she talks about the genocide in Israel/Palestine and how people (from both religions) are being treated like disposable trash because of their heritage and their religion…I’m conflicted.  Because we are a Muslim family and so by default we are supposed to be Pro-Palestine and Anti-Israel.

I know in my heart that it isn’t logical.  I know I don’t know enough to even have a logical discussion about this struggle, and yet I’m conflicted.

I need to work through this.  It is it just a game isn’t it?  Or is it more than just a game?


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