Khutba Notes 12/28/2012

Khutba Notes 12/28/2012 December 28, 2012

There are 365 Days in a year.

No matter how nice you are to your mother, you’ll never repay her for giving you life.

Everyone in America gathered together to help the people who died during the hurricanes and when the little kids got shot two weeks ago…even the President was crying.  But kids get killed like that every day in Syria and no one pays attention.

Guns aren’t stupid, people are stupid.

Smart Phones and iPods and iPads and TV make people stupid.

Kids should hang out with adults and interact with them in conversation.

James Bond is the only person with a smart gun.  It only works when it is in his hand.

The 3 P’s are Prayer, Parents and Paradise.  Prayer + Parents = Paradise.

When you do something bad, do something good to make up for it.

The shootings at Sandy Hook were an act of terrorism.


Then, after the prayer was finished.  We witnessed a woman take Shahada.  First, she said the words in Arabic, repeating after the Imam.  Then she repeated the words in English.

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