Hi Friends! Craft Show & Head Wrap Expo

Hi Friends! Craft Show & Head Wrap Expo November 21, 2013

It has been a while hasn’t it?

The last two weeks, I was prepping for The Southview Winter Art and Craft Show.

BoothADVI have only participated in a venue like this once before and it was quite a bit smaller.  I learned quite a bit about myself and my product offering.  I am excited that one customer took a cuff bracelet and married it with the shahada necklace and designed something quite special.  I can’t wait to show you when its finished.

Then on Sunday, we attended The HeadWrapExpo.  I did my best to tweet the event @MyIslamicLife #HeadWrapExpo, but the wifi was kinda shotty.  Here are the photos that didn’t make it through.


The main entry and check-in for the event. Stunning entrance.



Regognize Wrapunzel here? I waited at her booth two different times to meet her, but she was slammed!  They were wrapping tichels and selling scarves like crazy, PLUS there was a photographer stationed right at her booth. 


Stunning models and living mannequins.

Headwrapexpo6There were several fashion shows going on throughout the day.  When were finally able to catch one, it was amazing. I hope next year they will have things running more on time.  I would have loved to see all of the designers.


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  • Thank you for attending and capturing your experience! The next Headwrap Expo will be Sunday, June 8th at the Ford Community and Performing Arts Center on Michigan Ave @ Greenfield. Would love to see you again. And point noted on the timing. We’ve rectified that iA.