Epic Ramadan/Eid T-Shirts 2014

Epic Ramadan/Eid T-Shirts 2014 June 16, 2014

Every year, I buy an Islamic themed t-shirt for my people for Eid.  In 2013, I bought these styles.  I see a lot of kids running around in the community with cute t-shirts that say something positive about being Muslim, or something related to Islam.  I don’t know if my children will ever wear their shirts out in public.  They usually end up as pajamas.  Its okay though.  I do this to be supportive.  I do this so that they know they have the option.  I do this because, its one of our things…its a tradition.


On Twitter, I follow @Creative Muslims.  About a month ago, they started this campaign called Ramadan Epic.

to inspire our communities to make a sincere effort this Ramadan to live the Prophetic example and ‘enjoin the good’ in ways that are meaningful. -Creative Muslims


I loved the design of their shirt, I love the message.  I love that Creative Muslims want to inspire us to have an Epic Ramadan.  So, this is our shirt for the year.  I usually buy different styles for each of my people, this year – we’re all doing the same style.



Go over and order your shirt.  Wear it proudly and perform Random Acts of Kindness.  Take your picture, post it on Instagram and share it and your random acts on Twitter – #RamadanEpic.  Don’t just focus on the Ummah either.  Go beyond, into the community and reach people of other faiths. Kindness knows no boundaries.

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