The Year of Mourning, Remembering Maged

The Year of Mourning, Remembering Maged August 14, 2014

One year ago today started the year of mourning.  In Islam, we are permitted 3 days of mourning outwardly.  Privately, the mourning never ends.

Maged Yousef

An Egyptian doctor who was shot and killed by security forces while volunteering at a field hospital during the Aug. 14 massacre in Cairo was remembered as a quiet hero by friends and relatives, including a brother in Toledo.  – Aya Khalil,


The fighting continues on even today in Egypt as the world looks elsewhere.  Families are destroyed every day, and the occupation continues.  Egyptians continue to have hope that democracy will prevail, but with so many countries giving money to support the oppression and violence that violates Egypt and its people, it is difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel.


We will never forget.  We miss you brother.

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