Enough December 21, 2015

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Good morning my friends.

I woke this morning to the gentle sound of rain outside and even though it is December 21st and it should be snowing here in Ohio, I gave thanks for the rain.  Because it is enough.

I’ve been thinking a lot these last few weeks about giving and receiving.  About being valued and honored and about being enough.

I pray and speak to God in a way that allows me the most connection to the divine.  That is enough.

I am giving my everything to my family, my friends and to the world.  That is enough.

I love with an open heart that gets injured very easily.  It does not stop me from loving first and not holding back.  That is enough.

I listen to you and hear your story.  I listen and hear and witness your joy, your pain, your sorrow, your excitement and your peace.  That is enough.

I am doing the work that I am feeling led to do in this world.  That is enough.

I am growing and stretching and hurting and learning.  That is enough.

I am fighting for truth, for respect and for kindness.  That is enough.


Today is December 21st and it is 3 days away from Christmas Eve.  My tree is not up, gifts are not finished and cookies are still in progress.  If you remember a few years ago, I was struggling with how my family celebrates Christmas.  I completed the Christmased workbook and learned what mattered to my family.  What was enough.

So, even though those things that may be important to you are not finished here… since winter break began, we have watched The Great Gatsby at home in our living room, attended Jummah, gone to the dentist, watched Star Wars in the theatre, made cookies and frosted them, gone shopping, attended class, sat with friends and discussed Belief and then went bowling together.

All of those things that we have done are what my family values as important.  Spending time together is how we honor this break from the stress of every day life.  Gathering and talking and expanding our minds; laughing and building memories.  These are the things that make our heart sing.  This, for my family, is enough.

These few weeks in December are difficult to navigate if you are unable to participate in the traditions of your childhood, or if you no longer want to celebrate the day with your extended family.  If you are feeling lost, lonely, sad, missing, invisible or confused because you don’t know what to do right now.  Take the first step to discover what works for you and your family.  Take a few hours to figure out what is enough.

Then honor that.

Here are a few resources that have helped me this season.

The Marriage Startup Podcast

Get Christmased

Advent Calendar for Depressed People

Spotify (because I don’t like Christmas music)



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