Flexible Spheres of Operation

Flexible Spheres of Operation September 15, 2014

423978073_da502e1517_DMVI haven’t had a spare moment to post about my journey of conscience for over a week, and it’s taught me something about the importance of letting my sphere of operation be very flexible. One week I am contemplating a sincere response to suffering on the scale of climate disruption, and the next week I am sharing sacred space with friends, sitting next to the body of a dear man who had just passed away after a long, painful illness.

Add to that an unusually busy time at work, a lost wallet, a computer on the blink, and a car in need of repair, and it meant my sphere of operation this last week – spatially and temporally – was significantly smaller than the week before.

What I was able to appreciate throughout was the possibility of it all being part of the same seamless effort: The effort to do as much as I possibly can to take care of this world. Sometimes it’s time to take care of something right in front of me, and sometimes it’s time to seriously consider my global impact. Sometimes I have enough time and energy to go exploring beyond my comfort zones, and at other times it’s all I can do to keep my own personal life together. As long as I do whatever I can, I don’t need to draw any boundaries around what’s mine to do or around what’s selfless, generous, or possible.

The most rewarding part of this journey so far has been the unlocking of a great source of energy and enthusiasm. Having identified that I want to give everything I can, I am able to let go of worries about whether I am doing enough. I can derive inspiration from my sense of love, compassion, concern, and idealism, and try to view everything I have to do, or choose to do, as part of the same effort. Even when otherwise it might seem annoying or mundane… like getting a new driver’s license from the DMV because I lost my wallet. It’s an obstacle on my path, but I overcome the obstacle with more grace and willingness because I care so much about where I’m headed.

I figure this must be the secret behind the equanimity of a great many people I know. They must have deeper motivations, based in love and aspiration, that put everything in proper perspective. Cool!

More posts coming soon…

Photo by @cdharrison

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