Movie Talk for Amazon Best Selling Vatican Thriller “The Madonna Files”… Film Explores the Mysterious World of Marian Apparitions.

Movie Talk for Amazon Best Selling Vatican Thriller “The Madonna Files”… Film Explores the Mysterious World of Marian Apparitions. May 5, 2017

Update on The Madonna Files movie talk

By Bill McIntosh Ocaso Media

Christian themed movies are suddenly very hot in Hollywood and  movie executives are taking notice.

After a string of positive reviews and strong book sales further discussions with MCM-Films are again taking place on a film project based on  the best-selling thriller – The Madonna Files. 

The Madonna Files is the top selling contemporary Catholic novel in America

Charlie Young Executive Producer with MCM-FILMS “We love this book. The Madonna Files is an action packed thriller that we think will make a great film. Like any successful creative project, it all starts with a good story and Stephen Ryan’s The Madonna Files is a fun and exciting story. It has a cinematic narrative that works for us, superb visuals, and interesting plot twists.  We are now based in Los Angeles, but our roots are in Washington, D.C. and a lot of great action takes place in the capital of the free world which really appeals to us.”

The Madonna Files Book Trailer

Stephen Ryan:  “I am excited about the possibility of working with MCM-FILMS. Their background in making mystery films is particularly intriguing to me.  “The Exorcist” is arguably the greatest mystery / horror film of all time and make no mistake about it, that movie was deeply “Catholic”. It is what made the movie so powerful – that the story was based on actual events. To this day, I can’t watch the movie.  My hope is to do the same thing, but instead of satan as the star of the show it would be the Madonna. Our real goal is to make Our Lady the “Star of the New Evangelization”.  We want to make known to the entire world the incredible saving graces of the Blessed Mother.  The Virgin Mary has saved millions of souls by virtue of her appearances around the globe including her apparitions at Fatima, Lourdes and Medjugorje. I think a big film done right would be an important tool in reaching a world-wide audience.

The way this film will work best is if it is true to the Catholic Church. Otherwise, it’s just another Vampire movie. The Madonna Files is based on the incredibly rich history of some astonishing claims made by the Catholic Church and these claims include unexplained phenomena about appearances of the Virgin Mary  I think MCM -FILMS would be brilliant at creating the mysterious world of Marian apparitions.

What is interesting is that the Catholic Church absolutely believes in these mysterious appearances of the Mother of Christ.   To this day there are still deeply hidden secrets of the Virgin Mary,  most notably the secrets of Fatima, that continue to create but both great interest and controversies inside the Vatican.


Michael Merino Award winning writer /director, MCM-FILMS  “It is no secret in Hollywood that religious themed movies are hot right now. Look at “Risen” and “Heaven is for Real” – these are two huge hits and a sequel is already planned. The Bible series was very successful and “The Passion” still ranks as one of the most profitable films of all time.

What intrigues us about The Madonna Files is the spectacularly interesting world of Marian apparitions. When you take a minute to reflect that the Catholic Church believes that the Mother of Jesus Christ, from time to time, comes from heaven to give messages to the world through intermediaries, usually young children, that have changed the course of history, it is mind boggling.

We love all of this – Vatican intrigue, mysterious visions of the Virgin Mary and the great mystery of a town called Medjugorje.    There is a huge audience for this kind of film.”


The Madonna Files


Editorial Reviews for “The Madonna Files”


“I found it to be a great book; a fascinating, fast-paced thriller, written in a strong voice, filled with rich dialogue, complex and colorful characters, a story-line that tackles the most meaningful, religious and political subjects in the world. It is an impressive work…Move over Dan Brown, I was blown away!”  –  DANIEL KLIMEK -Scholar, seminarian and Marian expert featured in the full length motion picture –  “Queen of Peace”

“A masterful tale”  The Zebra – Book of the Month Selection

“A Powerful book of adventure and faith” – FRANK SCHAEFFER is a New York Times best selling author of fiction and nonfiction.  Frank is a frequent commentator on MSNBC and a blogger on the Huffington Post

“A fast-paced, tightly-plotted religious mystery with genuine spirituality at its core.”
RANDALL SULLIVAN – ROLLING STONE Contributing Editor, Host on Oprah Winfrey Network and author of “Miracle Detectives” 
“With an air of National Treasure, or Pier Paul Reads’ novel, Death of a Pope, the reader plunges into political controversy, chase scenes, a coded message, and an exposition on Marian apparitions…In a style akin to that of Bud McFarlane’s Pierced by the Sword, this novel connects all of mankind with the reality that divine grace is at work every day. ” Catholic”
A well written story… He is a natural talent” Amazon Review
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