Welcome to David Hayward’s new website!

Welcome to David Hayward’s new website! May 11, 2006

Welcome everyone! I’m hoping you will like my new website that includes my paintings, my blog, my music, and my me! Enjoy. If you’re here because of my email invitation, thanks for coming. If you are here by other means, well, welcome to you too! Sign me up and keep checking in for daily updates.

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  • Joni

    Wonderful job on the site. I am looking forward to reading your thoughts and insights.
    love me

  • That sounds like a question a follower of Allah would ask. Very narrow minded. Music is for everyone. I have known Unitarian churches to sing Xmas songs just because they are so fun, even if they do not believe in Jesus. When I was in China, I heard Chinese girls singing Xmas songs. Good music is catchy.Hmmm…good question! I’m an atheist, but I think some gospel music is beautiful, and have no problem listening to it or hearing non-Christians sing it. (Personally, I would not sing it only because I have a TERRIBLE singing voice…)