dense forest moon ORIGINAL drawing

dense forest moon ORIGINAL drawing August 6, 2011

(This drawing was done with graphite pencil on Arches coldpress acid free paper, measuring 5″x7″ (13cm x 18cm).)

Who is viewing this scene? Someone in the middle or on the edge of a dark forest on a dark night. The mists of night even threaten to darken the moon.

I wouldn’t be honest if I gave the impression that I always had it together. I don’t. Sometimes I feel this way. Very lost. Enveloped in darkness. Even the slight light that I have is borrowed, indirect, misty.

Sometimes the only hope I have is that dawn has arrived every day for a long time. It will again tomorrow.

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  • It’s terribly easy to project a personality far more confident and together than we actually are in real life!

    I picture someone viewing that scene from behind a fogged (or iced?) up cabin window. He or she is alone in the cabin on top of a dark, silent hill. The wood stove in the centre of the cabin huffs and puffs as it tries to keep the cold at bay. No sooner does the cabin grow comfortably warm than the fire needs to be fed again.

    But at least it gives the man or woman in the cabin a break from his or her troubled thoughts.

    It’s interesting to see how differently we think of this scene! 🙂