prayer from the cell: visitation

prayer from the cell: visitation August 14, 2011

You know, a divine visitation once in a while would be just awesome.

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  • Be careful what you pray for.

  • Mr. Talking Ruler

    I hope that you get a divine visit soon, Mr. nakedpastor.

    That’s a bit of a scary idea, God visiting me… just thinking of all the “stuff” in my house sitting about that I don’t need… and I can’t shove it all in the closet to hide my embarrassment. I’m pretty sure someone who is omnipotent would know what I was hiding…

    Hold on, God already knows all that, guess I have some work to do…

  • Hugs ‘n Jesus

    “I miss you,” is the words I spoke as tears fell onto my pillow, a few nights ago. Knowing that they* understood my heart based on my journey in Him, I drifted off to sleep.

    I think I hear your heart David, the heavens* have been closed up (silent), for what seems like far to long.

    Even though everything (thought/belief) is being shaken, by faith I am still believing that they* are real and hoping that they* will never leave or forsake us*, and that they* are working all things for our* good.

    Because of their* faith and faithfulness, we* are “In Him” therefore one with them* and each other*.

    * what these words now mean to me; and this belief plus “hell is a lie, not one lost” has and continues to bring comfort and healing to my heart daily.

    heavens* they* their* them* = God the Father, Holy Spirit the Mother, Jesus the Son.

    we* us* our* each other* = All mankind from the beginning of time throughout all of eternity.

    A new testament word, “salute” What a joy it was when I went to the concordance and found out that it means ” to enfold into one arms” otherwise know as a hug: )

    Hugs ‘n more Hugs to one and all!
    GGMHA = Great Grama Hug Attack: )

  • @sam scoville,
    “Be careful what you pray for.”
    You took the words right out of my mouth. 🙂