Jesus and a smoking hot wife

Jesus and a smoking hot wife November 8, 2013
jesus and a smoking hot wife cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward
“Jesus and…” (by nakedpastor David Hayward)

At what point do the accretions cause the deletions? I just had to say that cuz it sounds like a Pentecostal preacher! It means: At what point do the additions to Jesus leave Jesus behind?

I’ve been watching Preachers of L.A.. I actually find the pastors and their wives endearing. Listen… I totally get this show. I spent many years in Pentecostalism and went to a Pentecostal bible college where I met my Pentecostal wife. I was also in the Vineyard movement which is also a charismatic denomination. So these are my people! I understand everything they’re talking about. This is familiar territory for me. And I love them all. Just like Pastor Steven Furtick with his controversial mansion. I’m sure he’s a great guy. And spread over his greatness is his style of Christianity. We could focus on the money, the women, the mansions, cars and their theology and practice of ministry. But beneath it all they are just people trying to do the right thing, help people and make a difference in the world. They are doing this, but there’s this curious “… and…”.

The paradigm within which they operate explains and justifies everything they think, say and do. And I find this fascinating because this doesn’t just apply to them, but to everyone including you and me. We do what we want and find ways to validate it.

I’ve known this for a long time: religion often behaves like a veneer. We are all people with our own fears and fantasies and we use whatever is at our disposal to explain and justify them.

Jesus and…

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  • Shary Hauber

    If everyone who trying to take off their cloak we would have a different church. There can be great freedom when we don’t hid who we really are.

  • Seamus King

    So many Christians say they want the government off of their backs and out of their way so they can care for the poor. However, when big money comes in, it is so poorly handled and little of it ever gets to actually doing that very thing. These large salaries, palatial churches and pastoral mansions are evidence of that. There is too much in that which violates the spirit of love and fellowship. But, I suppose some people want that kind of institutional Christianity that provides them some assurance and little accountability on how they are living the rest of their life.

  • Al Cruise

    And after I get all those things, make it so that I control the conversation on all things Spiritual, and anyone that questions me on any of it, I can tell them with your authority that they are in danger of eternity in hell.

  • Lori

    I was once in a conversation where the presenter talked about our motivations, in everything. He had the brazen nerve to tell me/us that humans actions are very egocentric. He was referring to the actions and attitudes within the church. Not necessarily at senior levels but the congregation as a whole and as individuals. At first I scoffed and dismissed the notion…at first. Then, with a little honest insight and pondering I concluded that he was probably correct.

    In observation of myself and those around me so many years later I find it almost to be an absolute.

    However, I would not limit the heavy use of veneer-like behaviour to those in the religious community. I have found it to be epidemic globally in my world. I, too, am not impervious to it. I do see where your statement is coming from though David, as I have witnessed after some 40 years in a church that indeed in the church it is much more insidious. Churches that denounce the ‘name it and claim it’ theology are just as guilty, but in more subtle and incognizant ways.

    It is good to be aware of our own motivations because I can honestly say that becoming self aware of my motivation has caused me to pause and sometimes change it. Sometimes but not always.

    Second thought (and not really relevant to the intent of this cartoon and accompanying article): as a woman and a wife who was never smokin’ hot, it is difficult and challenging to constantly negate feelings and emotions that say I am less than, constantly. I have talents, abilities, intelligence, offerings, sexuality. Years of being minimalized b/c my nose is too large, my frame is too large, my jaw line is too soft, my height it too short, and now my hair is too is infuriating, demeaning and belittling. Luckily I have an awesome spouse who tells me that he finds me beautiful; but honestly his soft sweet whisper is hard to hear in the loud roar of the world’s ideal. Also luckily I realize I am not alone and I salute the other 90% who also fail the smokin’ hot test.

    I do love how this cartoon shows how she is more of a possession than a person.

  • KimT

    “beneath it all they are just people trying to do the right thing, help people and make a difference in the world.”
    This is where we differ. I believe they do it for the money. There is no way they can be that greedy and still be trying to do good in the world. No Way …

  • Oh I have NO DOUBT they’re doing it for the money, but for the money AS WELL as helping other people. This is my point: it’s the “jesus and…” … the poisonous mixture of what we want with a glaze of religion brushed over top.

  • Envy, David?? (kidding)

    You got 3 out of 7 of those things (I will let you guess which)!
    And giving up Jesus (well, one version of him), gave you one of those!
    Keep going and you could get 3 more from that list.
    But “peaceful life”, well, you already voluntarily gave that up! 🙂

    But may your life indeed be long !

    Seriously, though, following Jesus is a bad idea. Well, following the jumbled NT Jesus, that is. I am glad most Christians I know don’t follow that fella: (as I show here).

    Following some rarefied, imagined Jesus may work for people though — I get that. I just saw an Indian movie last night and wrote about the principle of Hero Worship in that post. Heros like Jesus, Rama, Mahatma Gandhi and Mother Teresa. The real person is always messier! Just like you, David. And I like folks messy and real!

  • messy and real. yep.

  • thejimmyforde

    We would often be ashamed if the world learned the motivation of our greatest actions… paraphrase of La Rochefoucauld

  • Jon A Spadino

    Thank you so much for your BLOG. We e-mailed a few years ago when my Church went through a split. Well, a few things happened at that Church and now we are part of a large Church in Minnesota there… but my wife and I both feel safe and growing there. Also, I feel am a part of a Marriage Rebuilders group and lead groups of men struggling with various “modern” issues. I am not a guy that believes any one formula works for everything.. but I have one I would like to share. Safety + Being Heard and Understood = The basic building block of intimacy. I feel like your striving on a Church blog based version of this!

    Thanks David

  • thanks jon. glad you found a home. that’s awesome.

  • Rebecca Trotter

    I want a 4th panel with Jesus saying something like, “you are aware I was tortured to death, right?” 😉

  • Haha Rebecca.

  • MJRoos

    You should leave a man behind

  • Cecilia Davidson

    Rather than thank our gods for the time we have, the memories we hold, the people we cherish and love, and the blessings we garner through life, we ask for more to try and protect ourselves from the harshness that is the shortness of life and the fugitive nature of satisfaction and bliss. It’s always the “and” condition that messes things up.