Cupcakes and Our First Source

Cupcakes and Our First Source June 22, 2017

Cupcakes Take the Cake, Photo by Rachel Kramer Bussel (cc) 2008.
Cupcakes Take the Cake, Photo by Rachel Kramer Bussel (cc) 2008.

Our First Source: Direct experience of that transcending mystery and wonder, affirmed in all cultures, which moves us to a renewal of the spirit and an openness to the forces which create and uphold life.

I had a mentor who shared great wisdom with me;
A wise man who listened and saw well, and once in awhile he would share wisdom
Though he is gone from this earth now, some of his wisdom remains.
He shared this story with me, and it reminded me of our first UU source.

Once upon a time there was a family in their car
On their way to get some very special cupcakes.
Not the regular cupcakes mind you; the special ones.
The kind of cupcakes that you might drive over an hour to get.
With the very special frosting. The kind you cannot get just anywhere.
You know the cupcakes we are talking about, right?
The family drove an hour to get the magic special cupcakes;
Gumpa, Mom and Dad, Young Girl, Brother and Sister were all in the car.
Young Girl was not quite 5 years old yet
Our story begins on the drive back from the cupcake store.
After the family carefully picked out their special cupcakes one by one
When they were driving back, sharing anticipation of enjoying the cupcakes
Young Girl was holding the cupcakes and Gumpa was watching her.
She had insisted that she hold the cupcakes for the drive back.
Everyone told her to be extra careful, with the special cupcakes.
While Gumpa was watching he saw Young Girl get a look
The look was different…maybe mischievous…maybe curious…
Whatever it was it was most definitely a LOOK that Gumpa saw
And Young Girl deliberately turned the box of cupcakes upside down
Shook it, and then deliberately dropped the cupcakes on the floor of the car.
As you might imagine, the special cupcakes did not fare so well
They were all smashed up inside their pretty box
Our family had driven too far back towards home
To go to the store to get more. Besides, the special cupcakes were expensive.
Well, you may imagine the chaos that ensued.
Brother and Sister were yelling, Young Girl was crying
Dad was saying “Don’t make me pull this car over…”
Mom kept asking Young Girl what had happened.
Gumpa kept her secret though. He didn’t tell anyone about the LOOK
Young Girl had a terrible time for the next few days
Pouting. Frustrated. Maybe mad at everyone because they were mad at her
Maybe mad at herself because the cupcakes were all smashed
Gumpa was just wondering what goes through the mind of a Young Girl
When she does something like that?
He never asked though. He just let it sit.
As you might imagine…the pouting and being mad went on for days
The cupcakes became a thing. You know what kind of thing I mean, right?
Finally, in his frustration, after days of pouting, Dad said to Young Girl
“You need to go to church missy, so you can be forgiven for the cupcakes!”
Young Girl looked at her father and said “That’s not why you go to church”
Gumpa, always listening for wisdom, always following the spirit
Got a certain twinkle in his eye and then he asked her
“Well then, why do you go to church Young Girl”
“Gumpa…you go to church so that you can get better at finding God”
“Oh, you do? Where do you find God Young Girl?”
“At the rope park Gumpa…I find God at the rope park…”
Gumpa thought about this for a moment and said “Do you know where I find God?”
“Where Gumpa?”
“When the wind rustles through the trees, in the leaves…I see God there.”
(Whispered) “Oooh. I see God there too Gumpa…”
And so the cupcakes were forgiven and forgotten

Our first source helps us to remember that grace and love is found
In the world between and betwixt our everyday living
That space between where the wise find mystery, revelation and wonder
Today, may you have a moment, where that mystery
Which creates, renews and upholds the spirit of life
Finds you amongst the ropes of a rope-park
Or in the whistle of wind through the trees
Maybe even in a box of cupcakes,
Smashed through curious, or maybe dubious intent.
Blessed Be. May the spirit of life be with you.

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