#nbamuslims500: NbA Black Muslims take the So Gone Challenge

#nbamuslims500: NbA Black Muslims take the So Gone Challenge August 23, 2016

By Layla Abdullah-Poulos, project manager

Social media is plentiful with “challenges” started for a variety of reasons. Some like the Ice Bucket Challenge start to raise awareness. Others like the plethora of health challenges (i.e. squat challenge, crunch challenge, etc.) seek to get bodies in shape. There are also challenges out there launched to entertain and give people the opportunity to display their talents to the world.

Recently, the #sogonechallenge became viral, and a range of celebrities and netizens posted themselves rapping their original verses over the instrumental version of “So Gone” by entertainment artist Monica. The videos include hilarious clips as well as more serious ones that include social messages.

A number of NbA Black Muslims contributed to the #sogonechallenge with postings of their freestyle lyrics speaking on social topics important to them and many in their culture, including perseverance, education, social justice, and faith.

NbA Muslims and MuslimARC selected a few #sogonechallenge videos featuring NbA Black Muslims seeking to spread a significant cultural message.

Malikah Abeó

Malikah admits that she does not freestyle in her video, but that does not stop her from reading off some powerful lyrics she wrote about the need for balance and fortitude in Muslim communities.

“Yes, my hair stays covered, and yes, my smile is sweet, and yes my pen is strong enough to ride up on the beat.”malikah

Keziah Ridgeway

Keziah’s #sogonechallenge pays tribute to teachers and their commitment to educating despite insufficient compensation and multiple obstacles.

 “History can be His Story depending upon who has all the glory.”keizah

Najma Nicole Abraham

Abraham uses the #sogonechallenge to focus on the need for more effective group economics and mobilization against oppression.

“We make America great with all this Black magic and receive the most hate. They treat us like we’re savage.”nicole

Omar Regan

Halalywood creator Omar Regan was called out to do a #sogonechallenge. The entertainer spat rhymes about the continuum of violence and injustice through which NbA Black Muslims endure.

 “Seeing them running their side of my story. Black man in front of an all-white jury.”omar_r

Black Muslims and Black American Culture

Although some may take exception to the use of music to promote their social platforms, NbA Black Muslims draw on their Black American social capital to assert their voices and perspectives, and their participation in the #sogonechallenge demonstrates how enmeshed Black Muslims are in the broader Black American culture.

You can find more NbA Black Muslim #sogonechallenge video clips by searching the

#BeingBlackAndMuslim hashtag on Twitter and the #SoGoneChallenge hashtag on Twitter and Facebook.

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