Muslim Ban, Anti-Blackness and African American Muslims

Muslim Ban, Anti-Blackness and African American Muslims January 30, 2017

Asha Mohamood Noor – Now is not the time to be Divided


I would say to my AA brothers and sisters that this isn’t an issue only facing non-black Muslims. It includes brothers and sisters that look like them. I stand with Black Lives Matter, as so many Somalis and Sudanese Americans who will be impacted, and we would hope that our black brothers and sisters fight against anti-black racism when it affects us too.

This ban further stigmatizes and criminalizes Muslims in the U.S. and globally. We have certain parts of our community, such as Somali Americans in Minneapolis severely impacted by CVE surveillance, and subsequent criminalization, deportation, and detention. They like many Black Muslims fall in a dangerous intersection, facing anti-Black racism and Islamophobia from both individual actors and the state.

This isn’t the time to be divided; this is the time to bridge the divides and stand together as African people.

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