US Black Muslim Psychology Conference, Leading with Compassion

US Black Muslim Psychology Conference, Leading with Compassion July 27, 2017

BMPC Livestreams

Many participants shared livestreams of the conference on social media. Representative Ilhan Omar delivered a stirring keynote speech on personal wellness for activists.

“So much of this work that we do is so personal; it takes mental draining. It can be physically exhausting; it can be mentally hurtful, and it can be very harmful. We should all step back and realize that world’s state is not dependent solely on us.”

Yusuf Jones presented on Islamic healing circles. “One of the things we lost [is] and awareness of what power, strength and healing there is in intentionally gathering together. There are so few safe spaces; there are so few sanctuaries, there are so few refuges.”

Emerging Leader Award recipient Azza Altiraifi gave an inspirational speech reflecting her commitment to disability advocacy and encouraged listeners to become more aware and supportive.

“A lot of us who go through this, who experience the world differently, we aren’t very visible. We don’t have very many spaces where we can be authentically ourselves, where people will accommodate us because they understand that even though we might process things differently; we might speak differently. I might look different from you, but fundamentally, I bring as much to the table, and I have as much value. It is important [to] all of us that we accommodate those voices.”


A Safe and Empowering Space

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